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Posted by Young Kim on March 2, 2016

2 Days / 1 Night from Cruise Ship: Bangkok, Thailand

After our first day of touring the Ancient City of Autthaya, this second blog post covers our evening in Bangkok and our subsequent tour of the city on the second day.

Again, this series of 2 posts covers our 2 day / 1 night tour from our cruise ship using a tour package offered by Oriental Escape.


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We stayed at the Chetuphon Gate Hotel which was small but situated in a perfect location.  Here is a link:

We had a direct view of Wat Pho from our window and from the small balcony you could see Wat Arun across the river.

The room was fairly clean and the price was extremely affordable.

After a quick shower, we decided to go for an evening stroll to Khao San road which is a very touristy area of Bangkok.  The walk was about 30 minutes.

When we got there we sampled some very tasty street food, including Pad Thai and other dishes.  We saw a couple of vendors selling fried insects but we weren't brave enough to try them...

The road is chalk full of tourists and very crowded but we managed to find a nice cafecafé called the Fabulous Dessert Café and had some type of bread ice cream concoction which was good. We hung around a bit longer but decided to go back to our hotel as it was a very long day.

stands decided to stay in the Bangkok overnight rather than on the boat so that we could spend more time in the country and reduce the number of hours travelling back and forth from our destinations and the port.

While the cruise line did offer overnight excursions, the cost was relatively high regardless of whether it was by guided tour or not.

Also we had a slightly unique itinerary, in that we wanted to spend the first day visiting Ayutthaya (UNESCO World Heritage site) and then driven to Bangkok to enjoy the evening and second day.  It was a given that no cruise excursion would be meeting these requirements unless we paid a significant amount.

Oriental Escape Tour Service

We did our research and decided on a personal tour service run by Oriental Escape:

It was a decision we definitely did not regret.  The cost was comparable to the group tours offered by the cruise line even including having our own personal guide.

Ancient City of Ayutthaya

On the first day we chose “Ayutthaya Experience” tour.  We were met at port by our guide and a driver at the designated time. Our guide spoke excellent English and was very personable.

The drive to Ayutthaya took around 2 ½ hours.   As per the tour itinerary, we visited:

  • Wat Yai Chaimongkon
  • Chao Sam Phraya National Museum
  • Ayutthaya Ancient Palace
  • Wihan Phra Mongkhon Bophit
  • Wat Phra Si Sanphet 

The sites were all fantastic but my favorite was the Ayutthaya Ancient Palace.  The site was very quiet and even in the day time there was a slightly haunting feeling that encompassed it.

Our guide gave a fantastic description of the all sites and offered up little stories and legends throughout the tour.

One point of etiquette when visiting these temples is that you must dress modestly and take off your shoes.  Unfortunately for our driver his shoes were stolen when praying at Wihan Phra Mongkhon Bophit.

I believe he did manage to get some shoes later but then again he might have been driving barefoot for the remainer of the tour.

We enjoyed a nice thai buffett lunch at a hotel.  The selection was good and tasty.  We saw many of our fellow Celebrity cruise members who were on the official cruise excursion at the restaurant.

This further strengthened our belief that we got a superb deal. 

After lunch we had an opportunity to feed the elephants which my wife loved.  One word of warning, is that the elephants are not available to be fed if they are busy giving rides to tourists. 

Wat Phra Mahthat 

We then asked the tour guide if we could make a quick stop at Wat Phra Mahthat, though it was not on the agenda.  We wanted an opportunity to see the famous Buddha head in the Banyan tree.  This was definitely another highlight of the trip.

When we arrived, there were no crowds and contrary to images we saw online, there was no guard or fence.  We had ample opportunity to take photos and enjoy the scenery.

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Finally, our last stop on the Ayutthaya excursion was Wat Chaiwatthanaram.  On the way to the temple, we passed by some Roti Sai Mai stalls and quickly asked our guide to pull over.

Roti Sai Mai is a local specialty which comprises of hair like strands of something similar to cotton candy wrapped in a flat roti.  It comes in many colors and was very cheap and quite delicious.

Wat Chai Chaiwatthanaram was very serine and quiet when we arrived.  We climbed up the stairs of one the temples which was very steep and enjoyed the view.

We concluded our trip of Ayutthaya and our driver drove us to our little hotel in Bangkok in about 2 hours.

We were very happy that we booked through Oriental Escape and would definitely book through them again if the opportunity arose. 

Please check out Mark Wiens YouTube video below.  Mark does a great job of showcasing many of the highlights of Ayutthaya including our sampling of Roti Sai Mai.

Also, check out my next blogpost on Bangkok from our 2 day / 1 night excursion from our Cruise Ship...

Travel Tips

Recommended Tour Service: Oriental Escape

Young Kim





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