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Landgasthof Rössle - Black Forest Culinary Treasure
Posted by Robert van Den Haag on September 19, 2016
Event date: June 10, 2015

Landgasthof Rössle - Black Forest Culinary Treasure

Landgasthof Rössle is a jewel in the middle of the Black Forest.

It is steeped in the Schwarzwäld region's tradition as well as being part of some more modern folklore.

Ernest Hemmingway stayed there back in 1922 for some rest, relaxation and writing.


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After our pilgrimage to Triberg (cuckoo clock capital), we set out along the Triberger Straße to find lodging for the night and to hopefully enjoy a nice dinner somewhere.

Well, we were fortunate to come across Pension Mosertonihof in the Oberprechtal region.

We had a very nice stay there but more importantly (for this blogpost), the owners of the B&B recommended the restaurant Landgasthof Rössle for dinner.

The Guesthouse/Restaurant ended up being not much further than one kilometer away from the B&B.  So that was very convenient.  It is a very large timbered building, which is very typical of the Black Forest region. 

Schwarzwäld Tradition & Modern Folklore

The interior of the restaurant has a very comfortable feel to it.

The Dutch would say it was 'erg gezellig' (best translation is very cosy)...

As we entered the dining room we immeditaley noticed some framed newspaper clippings on the wall.  The restaurant was established decades ago, but Landgasthof Rössle was actually first registered as a Guesthouse back in 1825.

The clippings reveal that Ernest Hemmingway actually lodged there (Guesthouse) back in 1922 for some rest, relaxation and writing.

While this bit of modern folklore represents one of their claims to fame - the Guesthouse is very centrally located and would serve as an excellent base camp from which to explore the region.

Culinaria: Schwarzwäld Style

We ended up being seated at a round table in a cosy (gezellig) corner of the dining room with the sun gently filtering in through the window - with the serene Schwarzwäld in the backdrop...

After a busy day of touring and our first taste of the Black Forest, we were truly ready to unwind and to hopefully be spoiled with the best of the culinary delights the region had to offer - the budget was left at the front door...

We had to clean our palettes by starting with a lovely bottle of red wine (selected by our resident expert - in blue) and a smooth local Ganter beer.

These surely helped to set the tone for what would end up being an amazing meal.

First up was some freshly baked bread served with a delightfully different whipped butter (orangy in colour and very flavourful).


In looking the menu over, I noticed the Creme Forellensuppe (Crème of Trout Soup) and immediately knew what my appetizer was going to be - a choice made by 2 of the other 3 group members. 

My wife and I had this many years ago and this rendition did not disappoint (the 4th member got a sampling spoonful and was drooling afterwards)...

What a wonderfully flavourful but light and delicate soup. 

Another appetizer selected was the Graved Lachs - also light, flavourful and beautifully presented.

I would also like to showcase our charming Hostess and Server, but I have to apologize and regret not remembering her name (could have been Monica).

She truly was wonderful and here she is serving a fresh Schwarzwälder Salad.

Main Courses

I'm going to highlight two of the main courses selected by our group.  

Here is the Mixed Grill served over Spaetzle (potatoe based):

Here is the Schweinelendchen (pork loin medallions):

Both of these meals were beautifully presented and mouth wateringly flavourful.


When it came to dessert, this ended up topping off the whole meal and evening but was definitely going to be a challenge for our Hostess.  

First off, my wife had always wanted to taste an authentic Black Forest cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte).  You know, 'when in Rome'... 

So when she didn't see it on the menu, she was extremely disappointed.

Relaying this to the Hostess, we were surprised when she scurried off to the kitchen.  She came back out a few minutes later to let us know that the Chef managed to find some cake located in the cooler.

Asking my wife if she wanted some was a no brainer.  I didn't get a photo of her 'significant' slice, but here is what  Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte looks like:

The Black Forest cake did not disappoint!

The next dessert was called an Amaretto Train - with Amaretto and chocolate ice cream, various fruit slices, whipped cream and wafers.


The Final Dessert Challenge for our Hostess is something you are going to hear more about in my blog posts...

I usually like to finish off my meals with my own favourite dessert.

So unless there is a dessert which is calling out to me (and that does not include chocolate), I usually try to go off the Carte and challenge the Host/Hostess to see if they can make their best rendition of my favourite.

The RVDH Special:

  • 2-3 scoops of French Vanilla Ice Cream
  • smothering of Caramel or Butterscotch sauce
  • lathering of real Whipped Cream (must be sweet to meet Dutch Standards)
  • accompanied by Sugar Wafers or Pirolines
  • topped off with a Marischino Cherry (or two):

To my delight, our Hostess was able to accommodate my request and it was a very good rendition.

I gave it a score of 7.0 {:>) 


A Memorable Evening

That ended up being one of my favourite culinary experiences. Wonderful ambience, cherished friends, fantastic food, charming hostess, amazing traditional location...

Here is a link to their website:


Finally, here is a video taken in Triberg with a chef giving lessons to locals in a restauarant on how to make Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte - courtesy of Jean Geelen: 


Our evening was topped off with a perfect late night sit down on the balcony of our B&B under the Black Forest skies and a warm blanket.  The wine helped as well... 

See blogpost titled: Pension Mosertonihof in the Oberprechtal.


Well that's it for this culinary adventure.

Stay tuned for highlights of some of my other ‘back roads’ blogposts of our travels through Germany's Black Forest, including Triberg Falls.


Travel Tips

- Excellent Food & service / must try the Creme Forellensuppe
- Has lodging as well / great central location to explore the Black Forest
- Recommend nearby Pension Mosertonihof as another lodging option

Robert van Den Haag





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Regions: Baden-Württemberg

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