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Triberg - Black Forest's Cuckoo Clock Capital
Posted by Robert van Den Haag on September 19, 2016
Event date: June 10, 2015

Triberg - Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Capital

One of the highlights of our travels through the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) has been Triberg.  Triberg has the unique distinction of being famous for two things.

It is the undeniable Cuckoo Clock capital of the world and located just on the outskirts of town is Triberg Falls - Germany's highest waterfall.


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We arrived in Triberg after an exhilerating visit to Schauffhausen Falls (Switzerland) earlier in the day and my wife and I were anxious to give a tour to our friends and seeing their reaction to all of the amazing cuckoo clocks.

We actually purchased our own large cuckoo clock in Triberg many years ago (1986).  We just had to share the experience of browsing through the stores here and being overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of clocks.

As it turned out, they almost did buy one but they changed their mind after considering how to ship back home to Canada... 

Works of Art

At the outskirts of town we first came across a store which specialized in traditional wooden carvings.  These were quite different from the typical cuckoo clocks which there is an endless supply of in town... 

We drove to the center of town where there was plenty of parking to be found.  Our quest for the world famous Cuckoo Clock was quickly fulfilled as the main street (Hauptstraße) is filled with Cuckoo Clock stores.


Here is a short video introducing Triberg and its renowned Water Falls and Cuckoo Clocks compliments of GurusExploreTV....

Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo...

One of the stores we took our time going through was Kuckucknest by curator Gerald Berger.  The sheer number of cuckoo clocks and their artistic creativity are simply speaking... overwhelming!

Yes, the above clock was priced at €1,439 (over $2,000 Cdn)! One thing that you should be aware of, is if you purchase a clock and need to have it shipped overseas, you may end up having to pay additional duties and tariffs.

I would recommend finding out in advance of your trip how to best minimize the additional costs.  Back in 1986, we made a mistake and ended up paying an additional 50%.  I found out after the fact that we could have used both our regular travel allowances to reduce the value of the clock and the 50% tariff. That would have made a big difference.

Having said that, I still cherish my $1,200 ($800 + 50%) cuckoo clock which has worked like a charm the past 30 years...

Getting one with the 8 day weights was a smart choice - having to wind the weights less often.  We also got one with 2 alternately playing tunes.

Another point of interest is the Schwarzwald Museum.

Strolling further down Hauptstraße we finally eyed our targeted pilgrimage, the House of 1,000 Clocks (Haus Der 1,000 Uhren).

The store was extremely busy, so it really was not ideal for taking photos.  I did however, have more than my fill of clocks from the earlier stores we visited.

When we asked one of the shop attendants about a good place to eat, the Hotel Pfaff Café Restaurant was recommended. Unfortunately for some reason it was closed.

Friendly & Helpful

We inquired further with another shop attendant about places to lodge.  With most places in town being fully booked, the recommendation was to head outside of town along the Triberger Straße.  

One thing that stood out for me was just how friendly and helpful everyone was.  Earlier on I approached a shop owner as to whether he knew of an old Inn with a water wheel we had visited back in 1986.  He went out of his way to do a detailed Google search and tried his best (seemed like 15-20 minutes).

He never did end up finding the right one - because as it turned out... there are many Inns with water wheels.

Anyway, we were told there would be a few B&B's about 20 minutes outside of town.  We still did end up stopping along the way to ask for further directions, because the route seemed further than minutes.

We finally ended up coming to the town of Elzach and a wonderful B&B called Pension Mosertonihof.

See blogpost titled: Pension Mosertonihof in the Oberprechtal.

Well that's it for this adventure.

Stay tuned for highlights of some of my other ‘back roads’ blogposts of our travels through Germany's Black Forest, including Landgasthof Rössle.


Travel Tips

- When purchasing a Cuckoo Clock, be sure to find out in advance what duties/tariffs you will be required to pay in the case of having to ship overseas.

Robert van Den Haag





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