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Alpine Evening: Stadtkeller Restaurant in Lucerne
Posted by Robert van Den Haag on August 8, 2015

Swiss Treasure 

Lucerne (Luzern) is a charming city located in central Switzerland in a region with many beautiful lakes.

As a tourist, there are many things to see in Lucerne, including its famous covered bridge and stone carved lion.

The one thing you must experience however (as a tourist), is to attend an 'Alpine Evening' at the Stadtkellar Restaurant in the old part of town. 


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Stadtkeller Restaurant

It is located a couple of streets behind the famous Kapellbrücke in front of an imposing hotel covered with beautiful wall art, very typical of the region.

Get There Early... 

We arrived in Lucerne a little late (after 6:00pm) and had to quickly find a hotel.  The Stadtkeller was highly recommended, so we did have to hurry to get there.  As it turned out, we were the last couple they allowed in because the show had already started.  You need to get there before 7:00pm as they only have one show per evening.

They seated us at a dining area off to the left of the stage. Viewing wasn't perfect but it was acceptable.  The prime seating was in front of the stage... 

The Show: Alpine Tradition 

We missed the first part of the show which included the blowing of the Alp Horns which are reknowned for this region. Photo below is courtesy of


Traditional Swiss Fondue 

You end up choosing from a selection of main courses but all meals include a wonderful cheese fondue, nice light salad and a dessert.

The fondue was very tasty and is shared as a group (the four of us). That's one of the nice things about a fondue, especially in a venue like this.

For my main course, I selected Beef Spätzle which was very tasty, as was the entire 4 course meal.


Beware of the 'Charging Cow' 


During the evening patrons get a kick out of the 'Charging Cow' which makes its way round the dining room creating havoc.  The cow photo below is courtesy of



Be careful however, not to make yourself a target of attention because not only will you get a 'kick' out the show, you may just get a 'lick'.  Mark was a prime target but seemed to enjoy it...

We all had a fantastic time and as a tourist, you get to experience a sampling of traditional songs played on some very unusual instruments.  Don't miss it... 

That’s it for this adventure.


Stay tuned for my ‘back roads’ blogpost on Schaffhausen Falls, at the northern tip of Switzerland near the border of Germany > RVDH…



Travel Tips

Make sure you arrive before 7:00pm to secure good seating and to catch the entire show.

The cost is reasonable (I think €30 - €40) which includes a 4 course meal and 2 hours of entertainment.

Great group event.

Robert van Den Haag





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