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Culture & Tradition

Every country and region offers a unique cultural experience based on the traditions of its people.

Traditions can cover a wide range of aspects from daily life including dress, music, dance, cuisine & religious celebrations.

The Culture & Tradition pages showcase the diversity and passion of unique peoples from around the globe.


Our Hosts

The people who truly make our journeys the great experiences we hope for are the wonderful folks who host us along the way.

They go about their daily business to make us feel comfortable, enjoy their cuisine, learn new things, feel safe, they entertain us and make us laugh.

Our Hosts pages salute our wonderful hosts.



The UNESCO World Heritage organization is devoted to the preservation of both cultural and natural heritage.

As quoted from their website, ‘these are irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration’ to us all.

UNESCO Sites pages honour the UNESCO mission and spirit.


Excursions & Activities

The excursions and activities we undertake are about fulfilling our adventurous spirit.

This can range from canoeing, hiking, bike rides, a boat cruise, touring ancient ruins or simply going on a wine tasting tour.   

The Excursion & Activities pages are dedicated to this spirit of adventure.


Events & Festivals

Events typically are about competition and the need to determine who is the best at something or simply just to do crazy things.

Festivals vary in theme and can be deeply rooted in culture going back centuries…

The Events & Festivals pages truly are an exploration of life and human nature.


On the Menu

Cuisine is such an integral part of the culture of people and their countries.

So for most of us, trying traditional meals, beverages and local delicacies from other countries and regions is one of the highlights of our travels.

The On the Menu pages take you on a mouth watering culinary voyage.



Wanderlust  is a very popular term referring to an insatiable desire to go out, discover and experience the world.  With all of the information and images available to us, it is hard not to get excited about the possibility of going on adventures to explore new and exotic places.

They don’t always have to be ‘exotic’ however, as there are countless treasures to be discovered in places near and far.

The Destinations pages attempt to capture that wanderlust thirst for the  ‘journey yet to be travelled’…


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Le Mont-St-Michel can be seen from several kilometres away jutting out from the flat surrounding lands.

Nearby sheep graze on salt water fed grass fields, a local delicacy, served as Mouton Salée (Salted Sheep).

La Rhune is a low mountain located at the start of the Basque Pyrenees.

The electric train departs from the town of Sare winding its way up the mountain. It offers incredible panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, France and Spain.

Mont-Saint-Michel Normandy, France

Le Train de La Rhune Sare, France

Alpine Evening, Lucerne, Switzerland

Located in the old part of Lucerne Switzerland, the Stadtkeller Restaurant comes highly recommended for its 'Alpine Evening' - a fun filled 2-3 hours of traditional entertainment and food.  But beware of the ‘Charging Cow’.

Experience alpine tradition

Authentic food and charm

Centre of old Lucerne

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Old Town & Ancient Abbey

Excursions onto mud flats


Train excursion to mountain top

Spectacular panoramic views

Amazing hiking trails

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Back roads

Couch surfing

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